Mabuhay (That is “Welcome” in Tagalog) at my site "Made In Philippines"

When people think about the Philippines, they think about disasters and poverty. Although it is terrible that these things happen in the Philippines, people forget that this is a beautifull country with a rich history, magnificent sights and a versatile kitchen.

Through the ages the Philippine cuisine has been influenced by many different cultures. Chinese, Malaisian, spanish, and in a smaller degree by American and Indian cultures, which resulted in a unique, multicultural combination of ingredients and dishes.

My goal is to bring the Philippin kitchen to the Netherlands, by using this site. I hope i can encourage lots of people to try our delicious dishes, and take them through a culinary journey of the Philippino cuisine.

What makes "Made In Philippines" different then the rest?

  • Products: A large range of Philippin products. Real Philippin products. Products you grew up with, for example: Mama Sita's, Boy Bawang, Datu Puti and Dagupan.
  • Product Range: "Made In Philippines" has well over 500 Philippin products in store. and as i keep looking for new wholesalers and products, this product range grows weekly.
  • Service: "Made In Philippines" is not a big unpersonal corporation, but a small young webstore, with a highly motivated owner. I will give all customers attention and a personal helpfull approach.
  • Sending: All packages in the Netherlands will be send with PostNL, at a discounted price. Besides that i will pay for part of these expenses.

If you still have questions, idea's or suggestions, please let me know.

Kain na! (Bon appetit),

Irene Simons-Calubaquib

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