The intention was too spam this page with Recipes from the Philippines, but for some reason im always too busy to do this. Therefore i took the liberty to find some cooking books dedicated to Philippin Cuisine. If the books look interesting to you, feel free to click on the pictures to find out moreabout them.

The Adobo road cookbook, 18.99 Euro, 144 pages, Paperback

A taste of the Philippines, 17.49 Euro, 160 pages, Paperback

What the heck is Filipino food, 36.99 Euro, 72 pages, hardcover

Classic recipes of the Philippines, 7.99 Euro, 64 pages, paperback (release date 27/04/2015)

The Filipino Family Cookbook, 25.99 Euro, 160 pages, paperback

The flavors of the Philippines, 23.99 Euro, 130 pages, Paperback

Filipino Cuisine, 31.99 Euro, 280 pages, Hardcover

Filipino, 5.99 Euro, 80 pages, Paperback

Step by step cooking Filipino, 18.49 Euro, Paperback

Filipino Homestyle dishes, 12.49 Euro, 128 pages, Hardcover


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